Now that Christmas is over, how many of you have actually put away Christmas decorations? I typically wait few weeks into the New Year to put away all Christmas decorations but this year is different. I’ve spent the last few days reorganizing and decluttering my home in order to go into the New Year afresh. With help from The Container Store, I’ve been able to store away all my Christmas decorations right before the new year. They have everything you need to get your holiday décor stored and organized for next year.

Putting away ornaments is usually the most time consuming and stressful part of the storing process because they’re so fragile and can easily break. This year, I placed all my ornaments in the Drop-In Bins individually without having to worry about anything damaging. The bin comes with moveable hard cardboard dividers that keeps the ornament secured and in place which stops it from rolling. The dividers are also adjustable in case you have different sizes of ornaments like I do. The best part about this is that the Drop-In Bins fits perfectly into The Container Store’s 74 qt. Weathertight Tote.

If you have lights like most people, I recommend you investing in the large light reels. It truly helps keep your lights organized and tangle-free. It comes with three reels that each holds up to 200 mini lights and can also hold garland, beads and extension cords. All you have to do is spin the handle to wind or unwind your light with zero hassle, doing this was actually quite fun. After this, I stacked the wheels inside the red quilted bag to keep my lights dust free in my attic.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for ladies and gentlemen, storing away the Christmas tree. If you’ve been struggling with tree storage, you should look into The Container Store’s Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag. Compress your tree, open the skirt to the bag, pull it up and zip- this literally took less than 3 minutes to do. If you’re not sure what to do, just follow the instructions that comes with the bag. The bag is also very roomy, I have a 6 foot Christmas tree and there is extra room in the bag. I put the storage bag inside 134 ltr. Tote w/ Wheels Red Lid and it fit perfectly.