10f5a526-1e90-468a-8999-982e01535e53Happy Monday guys! With the weather being back in the 50s, I was able to wear my sandals over the weekend. I used to frown upon wearing open toe shoes during winter but I’m becoming more comfortable with the idea. Honestly, some outfits just looks better with very chic and simple sandals. If you want to brave the cold with sandals, I’ll suggest wearing a season appropriate look.  For example, I wouldn’t wear spring like colors such as pastels. Stick to dark and rich colors such as red, grey, black, brown. I really like pairing chunky sweaters with skinny jeans and strappy heels like today’s featured look. If you like trying new things, you can experiment by adding tights or socks with your sandals. I will not suggest wearing sandals in the snow or rain because you will just look silly. Also, stay away from wearing flat sandals during winter because that’s strictly for Spring/Summer time. What do you guys thinks about sandals during Winter?

P.S. I’ve listed some of the grey coats that I’m currently loving at the bottom of this post.
Bag: Similar
 sweater, more options
 Jeans, curvymore options
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman (on sale)

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