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If anyone would have said that I would go to the gym this year, with Corona outside, I would have said absolutely not. But like  many, I gained tons of weight during the quarantine and I started to feel bloated and uncomfortable in my skin. I started running outside but I wasn’t sure how I would continue as the temperature began to rise. One day, I saw a friend working out at the gym and I asked how she felt comfortable enough to do so during Covid. She assured me that it was fine and that many people no longer visited the gym as often as they used to because of everything going on. I was then encouraged to give it a try, especially because exercising is a huge part of my self-care. I told myself that if I felt a tad bit uncomfortable or unsafe I wouldn’t go back. Olu said he was fine with it as long as I head straight to the shower as soon as I come back. Also, my mentally was this: “I frequently go to grocery stores and I receive shipments on a weekly basis therefore, either way I’m already exposed to Covid.”

Fast forward to my first gym visit, I was extremely nervous because duh, Covid, and this would be my first time being in a confined space with a group of people since February. I wore my mask, took the proper precautions and covered myself with the blood of Jesus. Upon arriving , I instantly saw a difference at  the gym. There were signs about safety measures, not all machines could be used because of the 6ft rule , there were disinfecting stations everywhere in the gym,  the gym can’t have over a certain amount of people inside at one time. Everyone took heed to the rules and there were also staff members walking around making sure of that.

The safety measures at Planet Fitness includes 
  • Touchless check ins
  • Spaced out equipment usage; every other one has a “social distancing sign” on it and no one is allowed to use the ones with the signs
  • Stations with tons of hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays.
  • They also abide by the state’s law so everyone has to wear a mask the entire time they’re in the building, and only a certain number of people are allowed to be in the building at a time. If you have their app, members are allowed to check the capacity before going to the gym.
How I take precautions
  • I wear a Mask the entire time, I suggest surgical masks because it’s light and breathable
  • I clean my station before and after my workouts
  • I sanitize my phone, hands and keys right before leaving the gym
  • When i get home i take off all my clothes , throw them in the washer , and hop in the shower