PA0_3673This year it’s no longer 3 but 4 of us. It’s still so surreal to me! I can’t believe Olu and I have a baby girl together ahhhh (screams of exitememt). I’m learning new things about being a Mom everyday. For example, I should have fed her before we took these pictures (lol) When we started I was like Duhhhhhh Nife. Also, you can’t predict children, we had to use a pacifier to stop her from crying and play cartoons on Olu’s phone to distract her. Overall though, she did a wonderful job. Sorry for the rant guys, but I’m just so happy for everything God has done for my family this year. Merry Christmas y’all and remember Jesus is the reason for the season ????
PA0_3667PA0_3662 PA0_3698 PA0_3706I can’t get over the way she’s looking at Alfie ????PA0_3707PA0_3687She is like ‘nope do not kiss me” ????????PA0_3716 PA0_3721 PA0_3743PA0_3749At this point Belle was done- she was like I want no parts of this and Alfie is feeling neglected ????

Alfie: Similar|

Belle’s outfit: Headwrap,  Onesie

My Robe: Lipstick (courtesy of Smashbox), SimilarSimilar leggings:

Olu Robe: Similar, Joggers: Similar, More Options.

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