I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I started working with The Container Store. For my final project, I’m showing you guys how I reorganized my pantry. The Container Store has all the kitchen essentials you need to maximize space in your pantry, take advantage of the kitchen and pantry sale that is currently running through April 18thclick here to shop.

I  don’t have the biggest pantry, so I wanted to take advantage of every corner while maintaining an aesthetic pleasing to me. Prior to giving birth, my pantry was always packed and organized and that slowly changed afterwards. We have been upgrading some things around the house, so I’m happy to finally have a clean and organized pantry again. My goal was for everything to look nice, give easy access so that when I’m not home my husband isn’t calling me 500 times wondering where things are (you know how men are lol) and most importantly, finding storage solutions to keep thing easy to find and easy to put away. I also wanted neutral colored containers to make my pantry an attractive space without having to do too much work.

Eight ways to make the most of a small pantry space

  1. Empty out your pantry, have an inventory and trash expired items.
  2. Clean from top to bottom
  3. Adjust shelves if you can, I intend on doing that to mine after we get our kitchen repainted.
  4. Organize by shelf: it makes things easier and less overwhelming.
  5. Bins are you best friends!! That definitely came in handy for me as you can see.
  6. Categorize and place like items together if you can. The way my pantry is set up coupled with me having varieties of things that couldn’t work for my space.
  7. Take advantage of every space: this is where items like the spinner came in handy, I used it on the third shelf because all the bins were too big and I needed a place to place jars of sauces. Add storage to the back of your pantry door if possible..
  8. Label: feel free to label bins and containers so that you and others know where things are. I thought I was going to use a label but it didn’t go with my aesthetics and most of my things are easily seen so I was good.

Containers Used:

  1. Yamazaki Tosca Baskets with Wooden Handles (2)
  2. Yamazaki Slim Tosca Basket w/ Wooden Handles (2)
  3. Yamazaki Black Tosca Basket with Wooden Handles (2)
  4. Bamboo Lazy Susan (2)
  5. Vertica Wire Stacking Bins (2 small, 2 large)
  6. White Nordic Storage Baskets with Handles (1 medium, 2 large)

All the before photos.