While putting together a registry, I was nervous about what to buy. I didn’t want to be one of those parents who ended up not using most of the items that were bought for their babies. I really did my research and asked a lot of my friends who were already mothers questions on what to buy. I have narrowed down my top five essential products that really saved my life as a new mom.Philips Avent bottles: As stated in the video below, this is the bottle brand that Ire has been using since she was about three days old and is still using at almost 10 months old. I really love that Ire has loved this bottle since day one, so we didn’t have to test out different brands before finding a perfect one for her. We were able to create some special moments, I remember seeing my husband bottle feed our baby girl for the first time. I feel like feeding time was one of the ways that he and Ire bonded. I also remember waking up every three hours in the middle of the night to feed Ire- the Philips Avent bottles really saved my life because it made feeding very convenient. Who could resist the cozy snuggles while feeding a child? This is one of the many ways that I bond with Ire.

Babies have really sensitive skin and I would advise parents to be careful about the kinds of products they apply on their skin. I have been alternating between Cetaphil and Aveeno baby lotion and I have zero regrets. The smell isn’t strong and it really keeps Ire looking and feeling fresh without having dry skin. Another thing I came to realize is the important of swaddling. I cannot stress how much every new mom needs to learn how to swaddle their baby(ies) with a muslin swaddle blanket. This really came in handy when we started sleep training Ire. She moved so much that she used to wake herself up in her sleep- until we started swaddling her. Another must have on my list is a humidifier. It adds moisture to the air and it really helps with dry skin. Having this at home really helped us when Ire caught a cold. At a very young age, there isn’t much you can do for a sick child. As a parent, it really breaks your heart watching your sick child without being able to do much. What really helped us during this time was the humidifier. It also helped with Ire’s stuffy nose and played a role in her sleeping longer. The last must-have that you need on your registry list is “My breast friend” pillow- this really helped me during feeding time. It was recommended by a lactation nurse and I’m so happy that I listened and bought it.

I hope this post really helps all the new mommies and mommies to be out there because I know how putting a baby registry together can be so overwhelming. Also, if you’re already a mom, what would you put on your registry if you could do it over again?

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