Hi guys! It’s been two months since I dyed my hair using Clairol’s Nice ’n Easy using shade 4W – Dark Mocha Brown. In case you missed my post about it, click here. I am really loving my hair, but it has grown since I dyed it back in May. I mentioned being nervous to use a permanent dye in my first blog post, and all my fears are gone because this is the healthiest my hair has been in a long time.  This has been my first time using a permanent dye without experiencing hair breakage.
Make sure you check out my first post to read all about my thoughts on Clairol, but in short: the at-home process is incredibly easy (and saves time + money!), it has an allergy-gentle formula, and is super gentle on your hair.
Since my roots are slowly growing out, I decided it was time for a little touch-up. Clairol has two options: Temporary Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder and a Permanent Root Touch-Up. The Temporary option allows you to give yourself cover roots in just 10 seconds (and can be used on-the-go, which I love)! It’s also water-resistant so it’ll last until you shampoo again.
Another great thing about the Temporary Root Touch-Up is that it can define the shape of eyebrows in seconds, which is exactly how I use it. The brush is perfect for adding fullness to any sparse areas.
For dyeing my roots, I went with Clairol’s Permanent Root Touch-Up. The kit comes with an expert control brush, two gloves, a mixing tray, the dye itself and instructions on how to use it. I really like the expert control brush because it made it easy to apply the dye on my hair. The wide brush area can double as a mixer for the formula, and allows for a faster application to roots, hairline and temples.
It was a little tricky getting the roots at the back of my head but the kit’s rounded, oval-shaped tray made it easy to rest the brush on the bowl during the application process without tipping or spilling since I needed my hands to part my hair so I could get to my roots. It took me literally 15 minutes – 10 minutes for the dying process and another 5 to rinse and condition. Another bonus is that it was not messy AT ALL. Would I use the touch-up kit to dye my hair again?  Heck yes!
My hair feels incredibly soft and it looks like I went to a salon to get it professionally colored. It still amazes me how I achieved this look at home and was able to touch-up my roots by myself, in just 15 minutes! Being able to use Clairol Nice ‘n Easy has not only saved me hours of time at the salon (and lots of money), but it has also restored my confidence in being able to color my own hair without worrying about damage or allergic reactions. I am really able to #ColorConfidently!

This blog was sponsored by Clairol. All opinions are my own.Thanks for reading!