DSC_9623One of my newest thing is swollen feet, If you follow me and Snap or IG you’re probably tired of me talking about it.  I try to elevate my feet on pillows and I’ve also been advised to cut back on salt because that causes water retainment.  My feet usually swells when I stand on them too long or wear heels while taking blog pictures.  If you look at my feet in my these pictures they were a little swollen, after running up and down and capturing 5 outfit looks for the blog.  I need to invest in more flats but right now my feet cant barely fit majority of my flats, including slides.  Please any advice or suggestions are welcome.DSC_9584DSC_9626DSC_9592 DSC_9587 DSC_9638DSC_9629 (1)DSC_9636 Lipstick: Mixed This and This (lip liner)|Earrings: Here (DM her on Instagram), Similar| Dress: Asos, more pleated options| Sandals: Here.

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