Happy Sunday beautiful people. Yesterday the family and I headed to DC to attend a Baby Food Bar Event hosted by Raised Real. I was so excited to find out they were visiting this side of town because I’m a huge fan of what they represent. We were greeted with very friendly staff and had many food options for Ire to try. Her favorite meal was the sweet potato mixed with mango, coconut milk, lucuma powder and chia seeds- very tasty and healthy. I love how the place and people were kids friendly, including the lovely photographer. A play area was provided for the children with toys and activities- Ire didn’t want to leave. I really enjoyed watching her play with other children her age, something that never happens and chatting with other parents. While leaving, we were gifted a very cute T-shirt and a goodie bag. Did I mention that they had a coffee bar for adults? I think this was Olu’s favorite part of the entire event, just kidding (lol).

In case you’re not familiar with the Raised Real, they promote healthy foods for babies by offering a meal delivering service. All you have to do is subscribe and you’re sent a pre-portioned, ready-to-cook, flash-frozen baby foods with organically sourced ingredients that are ready to be steamed or blended to any consistency within 10 minutes. Amazing right? If interested, please click here to see more information.

As a mother who prides herself in making most of her baby’s food (with organic ingredients) I think this idea is genius. I’m aware that there are many parents out there who wants to provide their children with tasty, healthy meals but doesn’t have the luxury to do such because we know how time consuming it can be. If you’re in this category, I really think you should check out Raised Real.

Things I’m obsessed with about Raised Real

  • The CEO and Co-Founder is a woman, who is also a mother.
  • Developed by a nutritionist (offers nutrient-dense food for babies).
  • Food is ready in less than 10 minutes
  • Fits into any busy parents’ livestyle
  • Ability to feed kids homemade, real food.