I see that I’m not alone in putting up my Christmas tree early this year. With everything that has gone on this year, I think it’s important to find joy in the little things. Ire was my assistant in putting up our Christmas tree and ornaments and I have to admit, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. She was super excited and kept jumping while screaming “it’s Christmas, it’s Christmas.” Sharing this moment with her and knowing that this would be one of our annual family traditions really melts my heart. Christmas decorations are still ongoing because I need to buy more ornaments and finish buying presents.

The Container Store has everything you need to prepare for this holiday season. I’m using wrapping papers from them to wrap all our presents this year.The Container Store has made gift wrapping this holiday season so easy. They have many options- from patterns to colors and even different textures. This year I knew I wanted to go the traditional route which is so unlike me. I wanted colors that would really pop underneath my Christmas tree. I went with these four options- Green Merry Go Round, Antique Gold, Yuletide Cheer Ivory and Wrap Topiary Stripe Ivory wrapping papers. Ire’s favorite is the Green Merry Go Round because it has many animals on it. If you have a child you know how big of a deal this is- Ire had loads of fun naming all the animals. The next time I need a little break from Ire, I’m going to tell her to get one of the wrapped presents and name all the animals- that ought to keep her busy for a little while (lol). If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Antique Gold because I’m a sucka for yellow gold and it can be used all year round.

If you’re looking for the best place to get wrapping supplies, you have to check outThe Container Store. They have 700+ options and if you’re impatient like me, use the filter category and go under Holiday Shop. They are not limited to just wrapping papers, they also have ribbons, bows, gift bags and other wrapping supplies such as the Elfa Gift Wrap Cart/Elfa Door & Wall Rack that helps keep all your supplies organized. Also, they make quality wrapping paper which makes the price all worth it- it’s very glossy and does not tear easily. The online store also lets you know if The Container Store in your area has what you want in store. Keep me in your prayers as I look for more ornaments to fill up my Christmas tree. If you’re not the best at wrapping presents, I’ve listed 11 steps to help you below.

How to wrap a Christmas gift like a professional

  1. cut wrapping paper
  2. fold over
  3. join ends
  4. close open ends
  5. fold down
  6. get rid of excess paper
  7. close other side
  8. add ribbon
  9. thread ribbon
  10. make a double knot
  11. trim ends

source: country living