similar sunglasses
similar bag

similar jeans, also love these
coat: try this or this
shoes (on sale + additional 20% off), also love this color

Here is an all new #HipsterMix Challenge.  If you’re new here and not familiar with what the heck I’m talking about, I got you!! Hipster Mix Challenge is about recreating whatever outfit I post on Saturdays on here.  You have 6 days- Saturday through Friday to do a recreation of the outfit.  I’ll pick the best look by the following Friday and share it on all my social media platforms and blog.


  • From Saturday-Friday you have to re-create this look
  • Post it on Instagram using hashtag #HipsterMix.
  • If you’re not on Instagram, you can email me your picture (

Don’t forget to have fun with it, the outfits only has to look similar.  It doesn’t have to be exactly what I have on.