I had the pleasure of attending an intimate dinner with 12 other creatives on Thursday night.
It was the menu takeover at the Food Market in celebration of Tillamook coming to Baltimore. I felt like I was in food Heaven.  We were served a five-course meal that featured Tilamook cheese and everything was sooooo good, shout-out to Chef Chad Gauss. We dined in the basement of the restaurant, such an unforgettable experience. Also, if you haven’t tried their delicious ice cream, you’re missing out. They have so many different options and we’ve been eating it a lot since it’s so hot over here in Baltimore.
Before (Habanero Crab Dip)
AfterYes, I ate this Seared Scallops by myself, who is judging😝? Fortunately for you, I didn’t take an after photo of this Grilled Cheese “Steak.”
We finished with Cheddar + Apple Empanada for dessert 😋 Make sure you head out to the Food Market to try all these delicious dishes. It is only for a limited time (July 28- August 2), so Hurry!!!

I’ve got a pleasant surprise for you!! Chef Chad Gauss’ recipe for the warm pretzel sticks & beef cheese. All the girls were raving about this, you’ve got to try it.

Chef Recipe
Beer Cheese Fondue (they normally serve with their House Made Amish Soft Pretzels)
8 oz. Tillamook medium cheddar, shredded
8 oz. heavy cream
4 oz. beer, Natty Boh

How To
Shred the cheese. Reserve.
In a sauce pan, bring the heavy cream and beer to a boil.
Whisk in the cheese until smooth. Be sure to keep an eye on the cream because it can over boil.

Find out where you can buy this and other yummy Tillamook products online, (here).

This blog was sponsored by Tillamook. All opinions are my own.
Thanks for reading!