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As a mother balancing family life, work and travel, I look to ensure that my daughter- Ire
has great clothes to make sure she’s comfortable when I’m not around. I remember the first
time that I traveled without her and how I was seriously freaking out because I was gone
for ten days. I had gotten accustomed to being by baby’s side at all times so it was very
emotional. She was practically my shadow because I was constantly with her from the
break of dawn, when she wakes up to when she goes to bed in the evening. Although I
wasn’t with her, the only thing that didn’t change were her clothes. Before traveling, I made
sure to select more than enough outfits that would last Ire while I was gone because I am
very particular about what she wears. When selecting clothes for her, I always choose
cotton.Cotton is my number one choice for babies’ clothing mostly because it’s natural, soft and
provides comfort. Fast-forward four months, we drop Ire off at grandma’s and grandpa’s
every other weekend without any worries. In fact, I’m always so eager for them to have her
because it’s bonding time for them and mommy time for myself. Why worry when you’ve
got cotton?Since the birth of baby girl, cotton fibers have been my go-to because it’s hypoallergenic.
With fall starting in a few weeks I have been doing lots of shopping for my girl. We’ve
stocked up on beanies, sweaters, jackets and bottoms and I’ve already starting thinking of
different ways of styling these items. I think what I love most about cotton is its versatility
because it can be worn casually or dressed up. For today’s outfit, Ire is keeping things
casual. I have always loved the idea of dressing my daughter in boy-ish clothing and I think
it’s mainly because I grew up as a tomboy. I’m obsessed with the really big pink hearts on
this sweater because it adds a feminine touch.Have you started fall shopping for your littles ones? My advice is to always take time to
check the labels on their clothing. This also pertains to things such as their socks, blankets,
sheets, burp clothes and even their diapers and wipes.
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