Valentine’s Day is going to be different for many this year because of Covid. I’m not sure what we’re doing on the actual day but Olu and I are hanging out with two of our couple friends a day before. In my household, Valentine’s isn’t only for daddy and mommy, it’s a day to express love between family members and friends. We celebrated Val’s day early with Ire last week with the help of DesignsByLeahV. If you’re thinking of kids friendly Valentine’s day activities, I posted the video on my youtube channel, click here to watch.

On today’s blog post I’m sharing 20 ideas for you and yours this Valentine’s day. I have options for both men and women, children and the single ladies that wants to celebrate.  Whether you want to dine in or out or try something fun and different, I’ve got you!! Scroll down and enjoy!

How do you plan on celebrating Val’s day during covid? How’s cams day looking like at your end? What adjustments will you be making?

Gifts For Everyone
Act of kindness, I love thoughtful gifts and  this doesn’t always require in material things

  1. Breakfast in bed, very cliche but I love.
  2. Hire a chef to come over and cook some of your favorite meals.
  3. Hire a masseuse to come over, I’ve seen and heard about this service and it’s so sweet. Who doesn’t want a massage at the comfort of their homes?
  4. Watch your favorite movie/show together. Like Africans would say, “not every time spend money.”

Gifts For Her

  1. Perfume: this is another cliche that never gets old. This was actually part of my first Val’s day gift from Olu and it’s always a sweet gesture.
  2. Something on her wishlist: If there is something your partner has been talking about wanting for a while that you can afford, surprise her with it. If you’re not sure, ask her BFF, trust me they know!!
  3. Outdoor dining: restaurants are starting to open in many states and many of us are tired of home foods lol.
  4. A course: with covid people are getting creative and offering many online lessons. For example, cooking classes, language course or hiring personal trainer that trains via zoom.

Gifts for Him

  1. Espresso Machine: If your guy is into coffee like many people, this is meant to be one of the best out there.
  2. Cologne: Again, this is a classic gift that never gets old.
  3. Shaving Kits and sets: This is perfect if your guy is bald or loves shaping up their hair when it gets a little rough. With the Pandemic, everyone is being more resourceful.
  4. Watch: Most men loves watches and or anything that you know he wants/loves. Gift giving doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s the thoughts that counts.
  5. Lounge set/ Pajamas: If we are all stuck in the house, might as well do it in style.

Galentine’s Day gifts

  1. Candles
  2. Flowers
  3. Handwritten notes/ card
  4. Cupcakes from your local bakery
  5. Offer to assist in something that they need. For example, babysit kid, do their laundry etc
  6. A Galentine’s day zoom party sounds amazing!!!

For the kids