I’ve been wanting to organize my refrigerator for a while now, so imagine my excitement when I found out about The Container Store x KonMari collection. The whole collection really goes with the vibe of my home, most especially the colors. It comes in two colors, black with a hint of tan and white with a hint of tan. I love that they used sustainable materials such as bamboo, ceramic and recycled fiberboard to make the containers and they can be used in your kitchen cabinets, pantry or fridge. They’re not only beautiful and space saving but they’re also sustainable. Organizing the storage unit in my fridge took about two hours with unboxing and organizing, but it was time well spent. I love having a tidy and neat fridge!! My eyes light up every time I open our fridge now, it’s the little things that brings me joy.

Below I share my favorite things about this collection and 6 easy tips on how to organize your fridge.
P.S. Scroll all the way down to see what my refrigerator looked like before this.

My Five favorite things about The Container Store x KonMari collection.

  1. The color combination, it goes well with the current theme of my home- white, tan with a hint of black.
  2. The material: it’s going to last a long time because it’s ceramic. The canisters are durable, easy to clean and has high resistance to scratches- I just have to be careful in the way I handle them so they don’t break.
  3. Different sizes: this gives me options, I used the small, medium and large canister to organize my fridge. Something to keep in mind, two small canisters are the same height as the large.
  4. They have labels, this helps with all the covered storage containers.
  5. The bamboo lid has a silicon gasket to keep contents fresh when you need them. I was a little nervous at first but I’ve had baby spinach in two of the canisters for a week and it remains fresh because it’s air tight.

How to organize your fridge

  1. Have a mood board: This is very helpful if you’re not sure where to begin. We utilize mood boards for every home project, why not also for the fridge?
  2. Empty the Fridge out completely.
  3. Clean and trash what you no longer want/ what has expired.
  4. Organize with empty canisters to get a feel of how you’d want your fridge to look. I did this first before adding anything in the canisters.
  5. Group like items together: this is a smart idea that helps with easily find things but it doesn’t always work. If you look at my fridge, that didn’t work for my situation lol. I organized based on what I have and what was aesthetically pleasing to me.
  6. Use labels: this has really come in hand, especially for all the canister that has to stay closed.

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What the inside of my refrigerator looked like before.