Going down memory lane with Wolomi today! These pictures are throwbacks 🙂 I am so excited to be partnering with a company that I really believe in about a subject that I’m very passionate about- motherhood.  They’ve just launched ‘Wolomi Academy,” an online community to successfully empower black women in their pregnancy journey. If you’re currently pregnancy, recently had a baby or even considering getting pregnant, the academy has all the tools that you need. It’s a cheat guide to prepare you for the beautiful and not so pretty journey of motherhood. The academy offers short and fun classes taught by subject matter experts and health care professionals to assist with some of the struggles we go through as pregnant black women. Some of the classes includes first year of motherhood, bonding with the baby, picking a pediatrician and living a healthy lifestyle as a new mom. As you may know, there is an alarming racial disparity found in death linked to pregnancy in America. In other words, black women are more likely to die from pregnancy complications than white women. Wolomi empowers black women through our pregnancy journey.

Wolomi offers a group chat where you bond with other moms and learn from each other. This made a huge difference for me during my pregnancy, having women friends who were either experiencing or had gone through what I was going through. It gave me a clearer understanding of some of the new changes I was going through and there is nothing like talking to a someone who can literally relate with you on your journey. Having a strong support system is very vital during the motherhood journey and this is what the group chat offers. A place to be yourself without judgement, where you converse, learn and have the ability to ask questions. When I was pregnant, one of my friends created time to find my black pediatrician for me. I’m aware that not everyone has access to someone who would do such and that is where the academy comes in. One of my favorite classes offered in the Academy is ‘Breastfeeding like a G.” It talks about expectations and benefits of breastfeeding. I’m a mother who breastfed my child for 13 months and had some people try to discourage me from doing so. This platform provides realistic information and support for any woman who is thinking about breastfeeding.

I’m a little jealous because I wish the Wolomi Academy existed while I was pregnant with Ire. To have a company that caters to black women like myself to stay healthy and get the best outcome possible during and after pregnancy is genius!! The academy is online and very accessible. I think it’s cool that you learn different things at your own convenience. This is a real community and I encourage mothers and expecting mothers to checkout Wolomi and register here today. Their app is launching next year and I can’t wait to share more details with you guys.

This blog was sponsored by Wolomi. All opinions are my own.
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