Hi y’all, wanted to share my favorite places to get shoes for Ire. I’ve been shopping at these places since she was born and I don’t have any negative feedbacks.

My Favorite Places to Get Shoes For Ire
Baby Gap
Old Navy

The Children’s Place
Janie & Jack

I love shoe shopping at these places because they make not only cute but quality shoes for babies. I buy most of these shoes on sale because I’m a bargain shopper and don’t want to spend too much money on a two year old who is constantly growing. If you visit the sites/stores frequently, you will catch good deals with the exception of Zara who only does markdown three times yearly,  If you’re not sure what your child’s shoe size is you can either measure the baby’s feet or visit a local store to try on different sizes. Third option is ordering different sizes online and returning the ones that doesn’t work out. For sizing, I like to go half a size up for Ire and this hasn’t failed me. As much as you don’t want the shoes to be too small or for the baby too quickly outgrew them, you obviously don’t want the shoes to also be too big. Fortunately for me, Ire’s feet doesn’t grow too fast, she has been wearing the same shoe size for a minimum of six months since she has been born and I pray it stays this way. When we buy shoes, I make sure she tries them on at home and walks around to see if she looks comfortable. I would also recommend looking for irritated areas on your child’s foot afterwards because babies shoes don’t need any breaking in.

What I look for when shopping for Ire’s shoes
I love shoes with soft sole because the ultimate goal is for her to be comfortable in what she wears.
Shoes with velcro fastener because they can easily be worn and removed. The only down side to this is your child figuring out how to remove his or her shoes but Ire doesn’t do this so it works for us.
Lace up shoes are perfect for us especially with Ire going half a size up in shoes. The only headache is having to keep retying the laces but if they’re long enough to tie in double-knots, you’re good. They are also harder for babies to take off
Slip ons are super convenient during the on and off process.
I prefer buying shoes with non-skid bottoms so ensure she doesn’t slid and fall while walking