It’s finally starting to feel like Spring in Maryland!! The temperature is going to be in the 80s for the rest of this week and next week. I know everyone feels like Summer 2020 is canceled but there are plenty of activities we can do with our kiddos. For us, this is the time we start taking our daily walks. If you follow my Instagram account, you’d know about my daily walks with Ire and Alfie. It’s always so much fun and watching Ire sprint off never gets old to me.  This is a win win for everyone because both Alfie & Ire get to step out for a few mins and run free and this also gives me time to get some Vitamin D, the natural way.  This brings me to today’s topic- Summer friendly shoes for the tots!! Ire wore her elmo shoes for most of our walks last Summer and now that she has outgrown them, I’ve been on a hunt for replacements. When it comes to buying shoes for Ire I truly believe in comfort and stylish shoes, no compromise.
Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Summer shoe options for toddlers. All of these shoes are very versatile, good for running and some are even water resistant shoes. The good news is that they’re all priced under $40 and some are even as low as $15. If you want to know where I get most of Ire’s shoes or need help knowing what I look for while shopping for toddler’s shoes, click here. I wrote a blog post about it some months ago. Feel free to drop a note here on DM me on Instagram with any questions you may have.