With the way the economy is currently set up, it’s wise to save and shop smartly. I’m a very proud outfit repeater!! Gone are those days that it isn’t cool to re-wear your old clothes because it may look like you don’t have enough clothes.  I actually don’t believe in that theory, I love re-wearing all my clothes with no regrets. It’s always a fun challenge for me to create new looks from old clothes. Today I’m sharing four ways to restyle items in your closet.
  1. If repeating old clothes in a new way is a struggle for you, stick to neutral colors. They are very versatile and can be easily paired with any item in your closet. Neutrals work well with bright colors and also other neutral tones (light and dark). Since neutrals are not bold colors, you can also re-wear things and most people wouldn’t spot the difference.
  2. Classic pieces are a must in your closet because they just make life easier for everyone.  These are timeless items you can wear over and over again without getting bored and they can be worn for many years to come. Having classic pieces in your wardrobe makes it much easier for you to mix and match especially when you want to repeat outfits. Examples of classic pieces to own are at least one black blazer, classic blue jeans, basic tanks and t-shirts, white button up shirt and black flats or pumps.
  3. Invest in Co-ord sets. Co-ords requires very little effort while getting dressed because the look literally comes already styled. Whether it’s your matching suits, top and skirt etc this is the way to go. Another major reason I love buying matching sets is because they can be worn so many different ways. The ways matching items can be styled are endless. For example, if you have a matching top and pants: it can be worn together either dressed up or down, the top can be worn with shorts, jeans, pants, skirts and the pants can also be worn with many tops such as tank, off shoulder, bandeau, blazers- I think you get my gist.
  4. Get creative. This is very vital because fashion is art and you should have fun with it. I’m sharing six ways to dress up three pieces on my new Youtube video. Be sure to check it out and don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel. In the video, I transform a super dressy tulle dress into a graphic tee and skirt. You have to check it out to see what I’m talking about and don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think.