Happy Weekend!!! I’m grateful to God that we’ve made it through another week. Many of us are tired of cooking, I know I am. Whether you’re tired of cooking, trying to avoid putting a dent in your grocery stash or want to support small owned restaurants, I’ve listed six local restaurants in Baltimore to support during Covid-19 and beyond. As you probably know, restaurants are currently only allowing curbside orders, no dine-ins. Everyone knows how much I love to cook but it get tiring after a while. Below are some of my favorite restaurants to support or some that I’m excited to try soon.

  1. I’ve ordered donuts from Full Circle Doughnuts here twice and my expectations were not cut short. You can place orders via email or directly messaging her on Instagram. She gives instructions on how to order, pay and pick up. I sent a DM with my name, order, preference for pick up time, my car type and color, and she responded within 24 hours. I paid via cash app the right before picking up my donut order. She also accepts payments via Venmo and Paypal. When you arrive, park your car and she comes to give you your order while wearing a mask.  No waiting time and excellent customer service. I definitely recommend this restaurant to any donut lover. She reveals her menu options weekly on Tuesdays and it’s first come, first serve and she always sells out.
  2. Next up is a black and female owned restaurant- Urban Oyster . Their website provides information on curbside and carry out orders. I’ve not eaten here but I heard they have bomb food and can’t wait to try it out soon.
  3. Nailah’s Kitchen is a Senegalese restaurant located on York Road. I am obsessed with this restaurant and have introduced so many people to it. It’s always exciting seeing a fellow African excel well in their business and the food here is really top notch. The customer service is really good, the owner is mostly around and is very pleasant to talk to. I typically get the spicy Dibi Lamb (grilled lamb) or Poisson Braise (grilled who tilapia). My sides are either their white rice or brown rice. I don’t know what they put in both rice but it’s always so banging and the brown rice comes with veggies. The plantain is a hit or miss for me only because I don’t enjoy super ripe plantain like most people but that is how they typically serve theirs. Too bad we can’t dine in at the moment but the inside of this place is stunning.
  4. To all my pizza lovers- my favorite pizza joint in Baltimore is Pasta Mista and they have two locations in the Baltimore area. The Towson location, which is the one I go to is currently only taking online orders. Pasta Mista sells authentic Italian pizza and the customer service is always good. I’m very simple when it comes to pizza, I typically order the veggie pizza with tomatoes and spinach or cheese pizza with extra cheese. I also heard Verde is another great pizza option, they’re located in downtown Baltimore.
  5. As the temperature changes and we experience warmer weather, what better way to celebrate than to eat ice cream? If you’re craving something cold and yummy, check out Taharka Brothers. There is a location near me, I’m excited to try both the coffee oreo and peanut butter cup. They are also doing home deliveries because of the current crisis.
  6. I’ve eaten inside Ekiben restaurant and also gotten take-outs and the food there is very yummy. You have to order online via ChowNow and the process is very simple, place a minimum order of $.50 and pick a time frame with the options listed. If you like fried chicken, you’re in for a treat. I typically get the Neighborhood Bird Bun or The Original Bun with a side of rice. Everything taste good and fresh and the price point is really great.