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What is a classic and versatile item that you need in your closet? Denim! Whether it’s in a
form of jeans, jacket, skirt or dress- everyone needs denim in their wardrobe.What I’m Wearing
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I absolutely love anything denim! It is in fact one of my favorite things to wear because it is
extremely comfortable and versatile. Denim is something I take pride in wearing all year round and probably the most worn item on my blog. It is perfect for almost every occasion
and can be dressed up or styled casually.Whenever the temperature rises, I ditch my denim pants for shorts. Over the years,
wearing denim shorts has become a summer staple – almost my daily uniform. Whether
going on a date with my husband, hanging out with the girls, vacationing or out for a quick
grocery run or meeting, I LOVE my denim. When I dress it down, it looks identical to what
I’m wearing on today’s blog post: a minimalistic top with really cute statement flats and layered necklaces. I like to keep my look simple because you can never go wrong with jeans paired with a simple tee or tank top. Most summer days are intensely hot, but nighttime can be a little chilly. In these instances, I’m sure to always take my denim jacket
everywhere I go.One of the best things about denim is that you don’t have to wash it often. I once read that
the denim weave is one of the toughest and most durable textiles that cotton is made into.
It makes perfect sense, because I have recognized that the older my denims get, the better
they look and fit. The shorts on today’s post were recently added to my collection and I
have been living in them! They are extremely comfortable and fit my body nicely – not too
fitted and not to baggy. I bought them from Target when they were on sale for just $12,
what a steal right? Although they are no longer on sale, you can get a pair for a sensible
price of $20. I am so obsessed with the frayed bottom and who could resist a good pair of
high waist shorts? The material is 98% cotton – you know what that means! It’s not easily
worn out. There’s a lot of imitators out there, but denim isn’t denim unless it’s made with
cotton. Next time you’re shopping make sure to check the label and look for at least 90%
cotton on your denim items. That’s how you know it will provide the fit and feel you
already love.What are some of your favorite denim pieces?