One of the things I’ve really missed during quarantine is getting my nails done. Prior to Ire, I got full manicures and pedicures every other week but that was no longer realistic with a new baby in the mix. Since getting my nails done is a form of self-care, I started making time to go every three weeks. From the time the lockdown started in February, I’ve been talking about wanting to do DIY manicures and pedicures but it has been challenging. Ire and I spend most of the day together, making it difficult to paint my nails. The only time I have is after her bedtime and I’m usually very tired by then. I finally got around to painting my nails two weeks ago and decided that I would do this weekly, let’s just say that I’ve already failed at that goal (lol). I decided to paint every nail a different color because I couldn’t decide on a color. I used my two favorite nail polish brands OPI and Sinful Colors. Below I’ve listed 10 black owned nail brands to check out. One of my new goals is to support more black owned businesses and I’m excited to share with you guys.

Sinful Colors

  • very affordable, retailed at $1.99
  • many color options
  • dries very fast, depending on how many coats you use
  • need about 3-4 coats
  • last only a few days depending on how active you are
  • sold in many stores

OPI Nail

  • starting price $5.35
  • opaque
  • only need two coats
  • last longer
  • many color options
  • sold in many stores

10 Black Owned Nail Polish Brands I want To Try

  1. People of Color
  2. 25th & June
  3. OOO Polish
  4. Janet & Jo
  5. Pear Nova
  6. B Nail Lacquer
  7. Auda B
  8. Mented Cosmetics 
  9. 516 Color
  10. Kaeess Polish

Sources: letstalkpolish, essence mag,  thezoereport.
Photographed by SMN Studios.