Wednesday was Olu’s birthday and I wanted it to be a different and intimate with just the two of us. An idea of having an outdoor dinner came to me and I knew if I wanted to pull this off, I would need to get DesignsByLeahV. I told her about my small idea and she transformed it into something grand. My only requests were to have dinner outside with an outdoor projector to watch a movie. She really took it to the next level, her creativity always blows my mind. Everything you see was Funke’s idea, this is why it’s always good to hire professionals.  She wanted to provide a picnic style, teepee/tent outdoor dinning experience with pineapple accents. Lord knows I would have been stressed and might not have been able to pull it off. She was also the one who helped with my birthday photoshoot, see blog post here. To see how everything was set up from beginning to the end and Olu’s reaction, watch my video on IGTV- here.

For the food, I wanted something tasty and easy to make. I wasn’t going to add the lamb initially but I asked one of my friends for her opinion and I’m glad she convinced me to. The menu was very easy to make. I designed it on Canva using one of their templates and about 2 minutes later, it was done. I went to a Home Depot near me and told them how I wanted it to look and they printed it out for me and this cost less than $1.