Our baby girl turned three on Tuesday, oh how time flies. It seems like she has been in our lives longer than that. We don’t allow Ire any screen time before 5pm but on Tuesday, we made an exception.  The day was a typical day for us but we ended on a high note. Designs By Leah V came over and set up a very cute birthday. The day ended with us eating Chinese Food together as a family and giving Ire a chocolate covered ice cream cone for dessert. The following morning, Ire and I had so much fun popping all the balloons- Funke’s idea!! Ire’s headband and dress was designed by Leah-Victoriah!!

Typically for Ire’s birthdays, we like to do kid friendly activities that we know she would like. This usually consists of visiting an indoor kiddie playground with all her favorite snacks on deck but due to covid, we had to switch things up. The idea behind this shoot was to incorporate ideas from me and Olu’s birthday shoots and make it kid friendly.  Even Ire’s birthday dress is a replica of the dress I wore for my own.  As usual, Designs by LeahV did not fail and I’m in love with what she was able to create for Ire. Keeping in mind what Ire likes, Funke suggested that we did a mini tea party/snack time for her. Instead of having actual food, we had all her favorite treats- cupcakes, peanut m&ms, macaroons, and few other chocolates. Boy was she happy! The first thing she grabbed was a macaroon- typical Ire (lol). When I later asked if she liked the set-up, she said “yes.” This was perfect for Ire.

I have behind the scenes videos of the entire set up and Ire’s reaction on my Instagram page.  You should definitely check it out because I don’t think these pictures do enough justice. I also posted videos of us popping balloons and more on my IG Story.